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"Treat the patient that has the disease, not the disease that the patient has."
Dr George Goodheart D.C.


"Welcome to the Plymouth Health Clinic website and forum. Do you live in Plymouth or in the South West of England? Are you concerned about your health? Do you suffer from chronic health problems, or pain that just won't seem to go away? Sick of just treating symptoms and still feeling sick? Or maybe you suffer from stress that is impacting on your well being, health, family or work life? Not feeling as well as you would like, can potentially affect ALL your other endeavours, from relationships, to career, to wealth building and hobbies. After all, doesn't sub-par health hurt everything that we do? Illness is often a wake up call from the body to change something in our lives."


Naturopathic Treatments And Nutritional Medicine In Our Plympton Based Clinic In Plymouth

Our clinic, based in Plympton, Plymouth, offers a wide range of Naturopathic treatments to assist YOUR physical condition, including: Allergy Testing;
Kinesiology/Muscle Testing; Nutritional Therapy; Nutritional Metabolic Typing; Cranial Treatment; Low Level Laser Treatment for medical conditions and pain relief; Mercury Amalgam Toxicity Testing; Mercury and Heavy Metal detoxification after amalgam replacement; Lymphatic Drainage and Remedial/Sports Massage.

Take Control Of Your Health - Don't Just Treat The Symptoms, Find The Cause

This website is designed not only to give you information about the various treatments in complementary medicine and alternative therapies available at our Plympton based clinic in Plymouth but also to recommend simple and natural wellness solutions when you can avoid unhealthy and unnatural ones, even when it comes to bucking the party line of conventional medicine and the big pharmaceutical companies. We aim to inform and educate on topics such as natural health approaches to chronic ailments and the therapeutic benefits of holistic and nutritional medicine. We believe that as long as the primary cause for a problem is not diagnosed and treated, the same symptoms will return and other secondary symptoms may emerge. You do not have to "live" with a problem. Every symptom, every ache and pain has a cause which needs to be addressed, otherwise only the symptom is treated. When you come into our Plymouth clinic, situated in Plympton, we will work with you to try to uncover the cause of your health problems rather than just treat the symptoms.

Listening to your Problem

Today there is an upsurge of interest in natural health products and naturopathic approaches to medicine like never before. Naturopathic Medicine can be defined as a system of medicine that identifies and treats the cause of illness, using natural means like clinical nutrition, physical medicine, vitamins and minerals etc. In our clinic in Plympton, Plymouth, we use the traditional tools of Naturopathic and Nutritional Medicine such as Allergy Testing, testing for toxins such as mercury and other heavy metals, and detox treatments such as Lymphatic Drainage, both manual and with Low Level Laser Treatment. People are now wanting to take control of their own health instead of popping a pill. Today more patients, young and old, are being treated with complementary and alternative therapies and experiencing the excellent results of improved health and energy for the things they want to do in life. Most people do not realise that naturopathic practitioners also have an excellent grounding in orthodox or traditional fields of medicine as well as having an extensive training in nutrition and nutritional medicine. Such a practitioner has often undergone extensive training in allied health fields like physical and sports therapies, cranial manipulation, kinesiology and acupuncture. If you have a structural, physical problem, why not come to our Plymouth Clinic, based in Plympton, where we offer Cranial Treatment, Muscle Balancing, Lymphatic Drainage, Low Level Laser Treatment or Healing Light Therapy, Acupressure and Remedial and Sports Massage.

When you come and see us in our Plympton based clinic in Plymouth, we will spend time talking to you as a patient and taking a thorough medical case history. Often when a person goes to see their regular doctor, time for talking is limited, with the majority of information being ascertained from blood tests. While these tests are important for diagnosis, much of this information can be gotten from simply talking to the patient. After all, we're not treating an X-ray, a piece of tissue or bone, we're treating a whole person. Sometimes a key factor in recovery is that people need a professional to listen to their problem, to reassure them that "it isn't all in their head", that there is something non optimum going on with the body and that we are willing to work with them to get it sorted out! At our Plymouth clinic we feel there is nothing more important than the practitioner-patient relationship. Building rapport and trust is important. We will always strive to treat you with the care and kindness that we would expect for ourselves. We take YOUR health seriously.

Our Purpose

My purpose is to help you achieve and maintain better health through our natural, holistic approach to complementary and alternative therapies. My main purpose is to service our clients based on what is real to them, on what they want to achieve. I look forward to serving you.

Our Plymouth Practice Philosophy

1) Decide that YOU are responsible for your own health. You may have been brought up to believe that your health depends exclusively on the quality of healthcare you receive. The truth is your health is your responsibility, no one else's.

2) Having a purpose is the key to living. Nothing is more miserable than a person without a purpose, nothing is more powerful than a person with a purpose ( even if the purpose is to get well and help others to get well.) Decide what your purpose is and pursue it. It will help you create life. At our Plympton clinic in Plymouth, why not try one of our Life Skills Seminars to help you achieve your goals in life.

3) Concentrate on survival (positive things and people). Avoid negatives (killers).
Stress from whatever source is a major contributor to illness and disease and will worsen any current condition. As well as mental stress, physical or structural misalignments of the body such as a poor bite in dentistry, can exert major stress upon the body and make it hard to relax. At our Plympton clinic in Plymouth, we find that Cranial Treatment in conjunction with Low Level Laser treatment, helps the body to recover from such stress.

4) Our body is created on flows to create efficient running. Nutrients go in and waste goes out. What we eat is broken down into nutrients that the body uses or toxic waste. If your body is not the shape you desire, overweight etc., you have a problem with flows. This contributes to physical stress. Nutrition and exercise are key factors in handling this. Not every body is genetically designed to do well on the same fuel. At our Plympton based clinic in Plymouth, we find that one of our most useful tools for helping a person to achieve their optimum health and weight is Nutritional Typing, based on the technology of how an individual metabolises food. If you have weight issues, have a chronic health problem or would just like to feel better, why not visit our Plymouth clinic and take our Nutritional Typing Test, followed by a nutritional consultation to draw up your Personal Nutrition Programme.

5) One of the basics in holistic medicine is that all parts of the body are interconnected through something known as meridian channels. Everything is connected to everything. We take into consideration all aspects of the body, including the mouth. Teeth have connections to other organs in the body. What goes on in the mouth really affects the rest of the body. For example, the heart meridian runs through the sites of the wisdom teeth in the mouth. Is it a coincidence that many people have unhealed extraction sites where their wisdom teeth were removed and heart disease statistics have risen through the roof? Both the large and small intestine organs relate to the molars where many root canals are carried out. At our Plympton clinic we use Kinesiology/Muscle Testing to help determine if there are problems within the oral cavity that might be having an effect upon the rest of your health.

6) Heavy metal toxicity (mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminium etc.) harms the cells of the body, creating a toxic stress overload and providing breeding grounds for invading microorganisms. The teeth, jawbone, lymphatic tissue in the gut wall, connective tissue and the brain and nervous system are common sites of metal storage. To keep it simple, mercury alone can mimic or cause any illness or health problem currently known or contribute to it. If you are concerned about this possible threat to your health, why not visit us at our Plymouth clinic, based in Plympton and get tested for Mercury or heavy metal toxicity. We use a variety of detoxification programmes, including oral chelation for mercury and other heavy metal detoxification, Lymphatic Drainage and Low Level Laser Lymphatic Drainage. We also have a successful Stop Smoking Programme and work with other health professionals such as GPs on our Step Down Programme, an internationally recognized programme which gives someone the correct nutritional and psychological support they need to successfully and gradually withdraw from drugs.

7)A key way that naturopathic/nutritional medicine or complementary therapies can enhance physical health is to address those areas that stress or compromise the immune system. If you have a splinter in the body, get it out. The same is true for a dead or decaying organ. A "Focus of Infection" is a chronic, abnormal, localized change in tissue, which is capable of producing distant health effects beyond its immediate surroundings. It has been estimated that 70% of all medical illnesses are directly or indirectly caused by human intervention in the dental structures (teeth and jawbones). This includes such things as impacted teeth, infected root-canalled teeth, recurrent decay around old fillings, cysts, bone infections of previously extracted teeth (areas of soft tissue which cannot heal). Foci related to teeth and tonsils have been demonstrated to be the most damaging to health. At our Plympton clinic in Plymouth, we can do an assessment using such tools as Kinesiology/Muscle Testing to find out if any possible foci of infection in the dental or jaw area could be compromising your health or contributing to any chronic health problem.

8) The Hippocratic Oath which all physicians agree to abide by, states, "First, do no harm." While drugs have their important place in medicine, particularly in emergency, life-saving treatments, we believe they are overused, particularly in chronic ailments where more natural approaches like nutrition, herbs, vitamins and minerals have been shown to be so successful.

9) Nutrition is the key to optimum health. The human body is not equipped to deal with sugar and refined carbohydrates which are the enemies of good health. It is important for each individual to consume a nutrient-rich wholefood diet, based on their own individual metabolic needs. No two patients are the same! If you want to have the body of Venus or Adonis, supply your body with first-class Olympian (whole food) nutrition and assist it to get rid of its accumulation of waste products and toxins. If you don`t want to make the effort, then expect to look like Bacchus! (overweight Greek God of wine and feasting). At our Plympton based clinic we find that Nutritional Typing or the technology of finding which food types best support your individual biochemistry, to be a very valuable tool in helping recovery from all chronic conditions. The same food or supplement or medication can have an entirely different effect from person to person. That is why it is essential to find the right fuel to help speed your recovery or to help you slim down on our Weight Loss Programme. You may have failed to lose weight on a diet that worked wonders for your best friend! You ma be completely different metabolic types! Why not come into our clinic in Plympton, Plymouth for a free 15 minute chat to see how we can best help you to safely lose weight or slim down.

10) The QUALITY of your vitamin and mineral supplements is vitally important. Not all vitamins and minerals are of the same quality and some are quite frankly a waste of money because they contain so little of what they are supposed to! Because of reduced minerals in the soil and over processing of foods, it is virtually impossible to meet our nutritional requirements simply on what we buy from the supermarket! Most people need to supplement for optimum health. The right supplement of the right quality is a powerful tool in your quest for achieving and maintaining good health and fighting the stresses of life! All the vitamins and minerals we use or are on our On-line Shop are of the highest quality - free from chemicals, harmful "fillers", sweeteners and additives which could cause you a problem if taken over time. You can waste a lot of money taking the wrong supplements in the wrong quantities. If you visit our Plymouth clinic you can help determine more accurately what supplements would enhance your health or help your body to handle a chronic health problem.

So whether you want to handle a chronic condition, lose weight, stop smoking, get tested for allergies, correct cranial or spinal problems, handle chronic pain, detox, heal faster from an injury or surgery or simply reduce stress, why not visit us at our Plympton based clinic in Plymouth and see how we can help you. We look forward to seeing you.

Clinical Treatments

You can find out more information about our range of treatments as listed below by clicking on each of the topics listed down the right-hand side of this page:

* Nutritional Medicine:

Nutritional Medicine has been called 'the shining star in the crown of medicine'. Well over 80% of illnesses that inflict our population are metabolic degenerative diseases. Our bodies are complex carbon-oxygen engines designed to run on very narrow parameters e.g. go a degree above 37C ad you start to feel rather sick, go a degree or two below and enzyme function suffers, slowing down vital processes. Putting the right fuel in the body is vital to our whole well being, happiness and longevity, not to mention success in our chosen goals. Putting the wrong fuel in the engine damages and eventually stops the machine. Getting the right nutrition for YOUR body can help you get in control of whatever condition you are trying to handle. At our Plymouth Clinic, we help you find the right fuel and also clean out the engine if you have accumulated damage. Nutritional services also include: Allergy/Food Intolerance Testing; Nutritional Typing Test for your unique biochemistry; Weight Loss/Slimming Down Programme; Testing for toxins, heavy metals, parasites, candida yeast overgrowth, bacteria, viruses etc. ; ADHD/ADD Programme ; Hair Analysis Testing.

* Low Level Laser Treatment/Healing Light

Called the 'Energy Medicine of the Future', Low Level Laser Therapy is a powerful medical treatment which stimulates the body's cellular response to damage and can also block pain signals. Used by British and international clinics and hospitals, the British Army, Navy and RAF, the British Olympic squads and several football teams, this cutting edge therapy has a wide range of applications from post surgical, dental, cosmetic, lymphatic, detox, pain relief to relief from skin disorders. Includes Laser Acupressure, Laser Lymph Drainage, Smoking Cessation and Drug Withdrawal.

* Craniosacral/ Cranial Treatment

This gentle structural treatment impacts on problems with the teeth, jaws, central nervous and endocrine system. There are 68 pairs of muscles above and below the lower jaw and these 136 muscles determine the head, cervical(neck), shoulder and jaw posture during all of life's processes. Malposition of the neck vertebrae, poor bite and mandibular dysfunction can cause real physical stress and distress to the body. When palate and teeth issues are addressed in Cranial work, when the 136 muscles above and below the jaw are allowed to become more balanced, overall body posture and comfort dramatically normalizes. This is why Craniosacral Therapy can be so beneficial before and after dentistry. Cranial faults can originate at birth or indeed with any accident or physical stress life may present.

* Lymph Drainage

A powerful medical massage tool that acts on the cells to help the immune system cleanse the body's tissues of metabolic wastes, excess water, bacteria, large protein molecules and toxins. Very effective after surgery, sprains, fractures, dental work and other trauma. In our Plymouth clinic, we offer Manual Lymphatic drainage, the Vodder method, Low Level Laser Lymphatic Drainage as well as a combination of the two.

* Kinesiology/ Muscle Balancing

Developed for chiropractors by a chiropractor, Kinesiology muscle balancing and testing is widely used as a diagnostic tool by doctors, dentists, chiropractors, naturopaths and other health professionals all over the planet in the field of biological medicine. It can also be used as a treatment in its own right to find and treat imbalances, dysfunction and blockages in muscle groups and various organs. Even the smallest muscle imbalance can in time, pull you out of balance and place tremendous amounts of uneven pressure and wear and tear on your body, especially on vertebrae, discs, spine and supporting muscle.

* Sports/Medical/Remedial Massage

Massage, skilfully applied, is the most effective means of releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the musculo-skeletal system. The underlying cause of spinal, skeletal misalignments is often a dysfunction and imbalnce of the muscle groups holding these structures in place. Many aspects of modern day living combine to place stress on these muscle groups e.g. toxins, overuse, poor posture, repetitive stress, tissue trauma, mental stress... the list is endless. This means that after physical manipulation, if the muscle groups responsible are not found and corrected, the problem is likely to recur. We offer a range of medical massage techniques including: Sports Massage, Pre and Post Event Massage; Soft Tissue Release- the solution for repetitive stress injuries; Trigger Point therapy- Myofascial Release; Acupressure (Acupuncture without needles!) and Laser Acupressure; Indian Head Massge; Hot Stone Massage; Traditional Swedish Massage; On-Site Massage for Corporate Companies.

* Thermo-auricular Therapy/ Ear Candling Treatment

A safe way to get rid of accumulated ear wax without the discomfort or possible side effects of syringing. Down here in the South West, many people swim and dive regularly and are subject to 'waterlogged ear syndrome'. With each subsequent swim, the problem seems to get worse until blocked ears cause partial deafness, dizziness or tinnitus. The only workable solution is to get the wax cleared so you can continue to enjoy your holiday or sporting activities. Ear Candling is a safe,gentle and very relaxing way of unblocking this wax. We only use the best quality BioSun candles which contain healing ingredients such as Bee Propolis. I can honestly say that since I started having regular Ear Candling treatments, excessive ear wax has not been a problem after diving.

Our Forum

The aim of the Plymouth Health website is to inform and educate on a wide variety of health related topics which will continue to appear on our Health Forum as it expands. You are invited to leave a comment on the Forum. Current topics on the Forum include:

* The Dumming Down of British Education.
* Education and Nutrition
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* The Campaign For Real Education
* Financial Stress and Health
* Low Level Laser - The Medicine Of The Future
* Swine Flu and the Merchants of Chaos
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* Hooking The World on Psychiatric Drugs
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* Mental Health Parity

Coming soon to the Plymouth Health Forum:

From time to time we run seminars and talks on health issues. Watch out on the Plymouth Health Forum for news of coming talks for Autumn 2009.

Health and Education in Plymouth

There are a number of articles on Health and Education in the Plymouth Forum. If you have a child at school in the Plymouth area and you are worried about how your child is doing, why not bring your child to our Plymouth Clinic at Plympton. There are many ways a struggling child can be helped to regain his potential: Having the correct nutrition or 'fuel' certainly helps the engine run better. There are some foods and drinks which can have a detrimental effect on concentration and just the sheer ability to sit still in one's seat. Cranial problems, often as a result of the stresses of birth can make a child feel 'not quite right' without their being able to put their finger on exactly what the problem is.

Help With Study In Plymouth

Sore eyes, headaches, getting frustrated with study can also pose a major problem for children in school and many children tend to 'switch off' and regard themselves as too stupid to learn. Nothing could be further than the truth. Many children can even remember the moment or the class where they decided they would no longer bother with their education and decided to opt out.

Boosting Literacy in Plymouth

At Plymouth Health, we will show you how you can help your child to do better in school by using a very easy and workable tool called Study Technology. The tools contained in Study Technology have been proven to help students improve their literacy levels and increase their ability and willingness to study right across the boards, whether in Maths, English, Science or Fine Arts. How come you haven't heard about Study Technology before? Well, schools in the UK do use it but it tends to be those in the private sector who have more choice over their curriculum but who also achieve excellent results. If you wish to find out more about how you can help your child to do better in school, please contact us at our Plympton based clinic in Plymouth.